Site Assessment

The project site has undergone a number of surveys including the Landscape Visual Impact Assessment, Archaeology Assessment and Ecological Appraisal.

Preliminary Site Layout

The connection to the local grid network is an adjacent substation to the north of the solar farm.

Landscape Viewpoint

Landscape Viewpoint

Agricultural Land Classification

Opdenergy has instructed a local Soil Tech expert to verify the soil grade inline with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food regarding the Criteria for land Grading. The site is graded as grade 3, moderate and low quality and suitable for our proposed development.

Soil Tech report 'avaliable here'

Cultural Heritage

A Heritage Desk-Based Assessment Report was carried out in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework set by the UK Government that the site must conserve and enhance any archaeological or cultural heritage value.

The assessment has concluded that there is no harm to the nearby listed buildings.

Heritage Report 'available here'

Landscape and Visual Impact

Opdenergy commissioned a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA). The aim of this survey is identifying any adverse effect of the proposed solar farm may have on the landscape. When we find where a visual amenity is affected, we can mitigate this with the planting of hedgerows. The site is completely surrounded by a dense woodland which will mitigate significantly its visual impact.

The LVIA report shows that the site is suited to the environment and can accommodate the proposals. The project will not result in detrimental harm to the character of the landscape or visual environment and, as such, it is considered that the Proposed Development can be successfully integrated into this location and is acceptable from a landscape and visual perspective.

LVIA 'available here'

Ecological Appraisal

A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) has been carried out, assessing the ecological and biodiversity impact of the farm's development. This assessment covers the following:

  1. Identifies the habitat and species present
  2. Assess any constraint of the proposal and its impact in the environment
  3. Reducing and avoiding any impact and compensate any harm that might be caused
  4. Measure the ecological quality and biodiversity

Following principles set in the National Planning Policy Framework, according to our PEA conclusion, the overall impact of the proposals and the adoption of all or most of the enhancement measures would give a Minor Beneficial impact.

Ecological Impact Assessment 'available here'

FRA & Drainage Strategy

The Environmental Agency (EA) Flood Risk from Rivers and Sea Map indicates the site is out of a high probability flooding area.

We have instructed an expert in Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) to verify the site is placed in a Flood Zone 1 (land with a 1 in 1,000 annual probability of river flooding (0,1%).  The conclusion of the FRA shows the site is appropriate in terms of flood risk and drainage.

FRA - Drainage Strategy Report available soon

Flood Risk Assessment report 'available here'

More reports

  1. Tree and Hedgerow survey. Available here
  2. Glint and Glare assessment. Available here
  3. Topographical Survey. Available here
  4. Transport Statement. Available here
  5. Waste Minimization Statement. Available here